Sarah Adams of Suicide Prevention & Intervention IOW says:

This is such a great opportunity and a very kind gesture from the event organisers, to offer their help to us and to come on board as a Community Partner with SPIIOW, and believing in what we do. The funds raised will ensure we can carry on providing an on call frontline team for when a person feels that they want to end their life from suicide and when time is the key to survival our front line team will immediately act to intervene.

Someone at risk from Suicide?

If you think or believe that someone you know or have seen someone who is at risk from ending their life from suicide you can make contact with our front line team 24 hours a day in the following ways:

SPI Crisis Number (Suicide Intervention Only)
07519008406 24/7 text or call – This number is only to be used if you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide or we have a live 24 hour web chat on our website

Anyone interested in learning or joining the on-call from line team can contact SPIIOW at